Big Dick and the Twins

Byrne Bridges, Big Dick and The Twins, Rhubarb Palace

Big Dick and The Twins are a comedy rock band out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Led by Richard ‘Big Dick’ Whittaker, BD&TT perform both original material and parodies and are built to satisfy your urge for incredibly tasteless music.

Alongside his wife ‘Little Kitty’ and his backing band The Twins, Whittaker started the group back in 2015 as an outlet for his degenerate tendencies. “I’m a scumbag, y’know? Porn addict, gambler, fire watcher….” he once told producer Byrne Bridges. “And let’s be honest. Without this group, I’m drinking scotch and playing keno by noon everyday.”

He goes on to explain his inspiration behind the group. “This band ain’t really art. It’s not like ‘my statement’ to the world or nothin’. It’s more like shootin’ fish in a barrel. Just a stupid, mindless game of connect the dots. That simple”.

Twin EP Debut Is Coming

Big Dick and The Twins, Rhubarb Palace, Byrne Bridges

BD&TT just recently finished their first two recordings with producer Byrne Bridges for Rhubarb Palace Music. They will be released together as a single release: Twin EPs: Holiday Dangle and A Taste Of Dick . 

Holiday Dangle is a six song collection of Xmas themed original material and parodies.  Songs include “I’m Gonna Fuck X-Mas Next Year” and “Cum All Ye Facial”. A Taste Of Dick is a six song collection of original material. Songs include “You Smell Like Balls” and “Hips and Tits”.

Full Length Release December 2018: Shriveled Dick

Big Dick And The Twins, Byrne Bridges, Rhubarb Palace, A Taste Of Dick

The full length debut by BD&TT will be released December of 2018. It is entitled Shriveled Dick: Tasteless Parodies From The 1950’s And Earlier. It obscenely parodies hits from Little Richard, Elvis Preseley, Bill Haley, and other hitmakers of that era.

Future releases from BD&TT will lampoon the 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and so on, so stay connected to BD&TT on Facebook, Soundcloud, and other media to find out more about these albums as they become available.

Big Dick and The Twins Needs Videos!!

Are you a videographer or video producer with an awful sense of humor AND who is also moderately desperate for some business? Or maybe you are an incredibly successful videographer with an awful sense of humor, but you’re really bored with being paid stupid amounts of money for unchallenging work? Either way, we have the answer to your prayers!!

Big Dick and The Twins needs some videos made for their upcoming release A Taste of Dick. But we really don’t have the money up front to pay for them. So in order to make these videos, it would require an investment up front on your part in terms of pre-production…and production…and, uh, post-production too (nervous giggle)! Still interested? Great!! Give us a buzz and we’ll see what we can work out.