Byrne Bridges

Byrne Bridges

Byrne Bridges is a music producer and owner of Rhubarb Palace Publishing and Music. He is also the creative force behind QrnQ, a high tempo mash up group that makes long play cut ups by combining hundreds of samples from music, movies, advertising and TV with live music.

Alongside his work in music production, Bridges also has a keen interest in music copyright law, particularly as it relates to derivative works: parodies, sampling, and cover tunes.

QrnQ, Byrne BridgesBridges is also the author of a soon to be published essay on music theory entitled Introducing Duration Set Music: A Rethinking Of The Music Measure (Rhubarb Palace Publishing). In this text, he outlines his theory of duration set music, including a discussion on irrational time signatures and multi-tempo music. His music project Crucible Hex is based upon this theory. In 2018, the first three Crucible Hex records will be released on Rhubarb Palace Music.

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