Crucible Hex

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Crucible Hex: Introducing Duration Set Music

In December of 2018, Rhubarb Palace will publish a music theory essay written by Byrne Bridges entitled Introducing Duration Set Music: A Rethinking Of The Music Measure. This essay outlines the theory of ‘duration set music’, a new way of approaching rhythm. In an effort to give this concept a practical expression, Bridges has created the music group Crucible Hex.

Beginning in January 2019, a series of albums based on concepts from the essay will be released by Rhubarb Palace Music. Put together, the collection of recordings represent the progression of ideas in the essay: from polymeters to irrational time signatures to multi-tempo music and duration sets.

Taken together, the essay and music of Crucible Hex embody a singularly unique combination of music theory and practice.