QrnQ Byrne BridgesQrnQ creates high tempo mash ups and long play cut ups by combining hundreds of samples from music, movies, advertising and TV with live music.

Note: QrnQ is not affiliated with Rhubarb Palace Publishing and Music. It is a non-published music project featuring Byrne Bridges.

Free QrnQ!

For over five years, QrnQ has been producing sampled based music. Along the way, they have stockpiled three albums worth of material with a fourth currently in production.

Unfortunately,  their music is unable to be commercially released. With some songs using over 50 different samples, the music of QrnQ is essentially unpublishable for legal and financial reasons involving clearances. A specialist who has been providing sample clearance services for twenty five years said of QrnQ’s music: ‘There’s no way we can take you as a client. I wouldn’t even know what to do with this!’.

So what to do with this music? The current state of sampling in the United States makes it nearly impossible for independent artists and labels to commercially release sample based music.  Many mash up artists post their material on the web for free download. The problem with that strategy is it doesn’t prevent a lawsuit, cease and desist order, or takedown notice.

Free QrnQ? Free QrnQ

Well, shit!! QrnQ has gotta do something! So QrnQ will begin to post all of their music on various websites (including this one). No downloads will be available, but the music will be streamed (at least until the cease and desist orders come in).

This process will start this summer with two mash ups. The first is entitled Six Degrees of Off The Wall. It’s a seventeen minute tribute to Michael Jackson’s legendary release.  The second mashup is entitled Do It!: A Tribute to Early Disco. It mashes together songs from the Donna Summer, Dianna Ross, Musique, Village People, Chic, The Bee Gees, and many other early disco legends.

So please stayed tuned to QrnQ this summer. In the meantime, maybe buy some t-shirts or say hello.