QrnQ Byrne BridgesQrnQ creates high tempo mash ups and long play cut ups by combining hundreds of samples from music, movies, advertising and TV with live music.

Produced by Byrne Bridges, QrnQ is a live music / mash up project that takes mashups of samples, cranks up the tempo, and then adds live drums and bass to create a unique and powerful sound. While Bridges provides the sampling and bass, the drums are performed by former Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and current Species Being drummer Frank Grau.

Michael Jackson Mash Up: Six Degrees of Off The Wall

Michael Jackson QrnQ Rhubarb Palace Mash Up

This summer, QrnQ will make public its first two mash ups. The first is entitled Six Degrees of Off The Wall. It is a fifteen minute tribute to Michael Jackson’s legendary release.  At 210  beats per minute and over 15 minutes running time, QrnQ mashes together selections from Off The Wall with songs by contributors to the album, including Rod Temperton (Heatwave, Rufus, George Benson), Louis Johnson (Brothers Johnson), and of course Michael Jackson as well.

Let’s Do It! A Mash Up Tribute to 70’s Disco

QrnQ Let's Do It 70's Disco Mash Up

The second mashup is entitled Let’s Do It! A Mash Up Tribute to 70’s Disco. With tempos as fast as 220 beats per minute,  this 17 minute tribute mashes together songs from the Donna Summer, Dianna Ross, Musique, Village People, Chic, The Bee Gees, and other early disco legends.

Live Shows

QrnQ is putting together a live show with intent to begin performances in Summer 2019. So please stayed tuned to QrnQ for more updates as they come along.