Rhubarb Palace Music and Publishing

Rhubarb Palace is the label and publishing company of Byrne Bridges and the home of Species Being, Big Dick and the Twins, Los Gringos Estupidos, Crucible Hex, and The Big $ell Out.

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If you have any inquiries regarding the music of Rhubarb Palace and Byrne Bridges, you’ve reached the right place!

Maybe you’re interested in The Big $ell Out, a music project that produces pre-made and custom-made music for use in videos, games, commercials and movies? Ask us anything!

Possible you have some licensing or publishing inquiries? Maybe you wanna sell some Rhubarb Palace kind of fun fun? Great! Inquire away!

Would you like to cover or sample any songs produced by Rhubarb Palace and Byrne Bridges? We are all for it!!! Contact us for more details.

Or maybe you have legal inquiries? Please contact Morris Music Law or Rhubarb Palace directly.

For booking inquiries regarding Rhubarb Palace artists shoot us a line! I’m sure they’re available.

For more info on Byrne Bridges or QrnQ, click here.